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THE SULTANS ARE BACK! Well, almost, anyway. After a long hiatus due to multiple life changes and turmoil, we here at the Sultans of Solve headquarters have some extremely exciting announcements!

Another Villain on the Way...

Trapped in Tartarus: Eternal Torment

You've been kidnapped by a Greek-mythology-obsessed madman known as The Gatekeeper, who seems hell-bent on teaching you some sort of deranged lesson. In Greek mythology, Tartarus was a fiery pit at the depths of the earth, below even the Underworld itself. Now you are trapped in his version of Tartarus.

Back in Stock Soon

We are hard at work building copies of our best-loved games



The Clock Winder

The clock is ticking and The Clock Winder has promised to murder 7 victims. Can you stop his evil game before it is too late?



Violent Night

Toy store titan and pop-culture icon Grayson Tinselton has been murdered at his annual Christmas Eve party. You must make your way over to his hometown of Giftsburg at once!



2-Game Bundle

Get both games and save!

The Clock Winder and Violent Night, the first and second games from Sultans of Solve, both take place in the same universe, with the storyline following your arc as a Knights of Veracity detective.


Just Published - Now Available

A Guide for Puzzlers

"Cracking the Code" removes some of the mystery from ciphers and codes, helping gamers as they play puzzle boxes and escape rooms. 

This book covers dozens of the most common types of ciphers found in game boxes, and it's a tool you don't want to be without the next time you play.

We thoroughly enjoyed Violent Night - and there is a ton of it!! A large box stuffed FULL of game components and SO MANY puzzles that vary in difficulty and type. Although the game is puzzle-heavy, we never lost sight of the narrative. Definitely recommend adding this to your Christmas list!!! 

- Angela Lawson-Scott, Crack-A-Nut Mysteries




We are the Sultans of Solve, rulers of the puzzle realm. Do you enjoy puzzles? Unearthing and solving mysteries? Then join our world of majestic mystery and test your mettle against the challenges in our puzzle box games!

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“The Clock Winder is a fun adventure with a truly contemptible villain. The puzzles are challenging and cleverly written. I required hints more often than I’m proud to admit but the variety and depth of the puzzles will leave you wanting to come back for more. I have to commend the authors on the build quality of all of their puzzles and the overall game. Everything feels nice and works as intended. I highly recommend this game to novices and experts alike!”
- Brad H., Boston, MA

The Spice of Life


Yes, variety is the spice of life. And we've made each of our games unique. From the individual puzzles, to the storyline, to the details of the game play, each game is a new and different experience. Yet all provide pure puzzley awesomeness!

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"I’m a newcomer to puzzle boxes/escape rooms in a box and the Sultans of Solve's Clock Winder was an awesome introduction. These puzzles force you to use your creative and analytical sides as you piece together a number of clues to find the location of the Clock Winder’s victims. The initial puzzles are a bit easier, so I was able to build some confidence in my solving ability before moving to more complex challenges. No two puzzles are alike, so I was kept captivated as the narrative moved along. I highly recommend this Sultans of Solve box to anyone seeking a fun, intellectual challenge over a weekend afternoon."
- Joe G., New York, NY




Narrative versus puzzles. The eternal dilemma. The Sultans solve this conundrum by providing both an abundance of puzzles and an enthralling, immersive storyline in every game. No need to sacrifice; we say, "Why not have both?!"

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The Sultans provide classic puzzles with a unique twist, never-before-seen puzzles, multi-layered puzzles, and more in every box. Puzzling fit for a King. Or, should we say, a Sultan. Try one today - you won't be disappointed!

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