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  • A diabolical killer terrorizes a town with his evil games. The murder of a beloved toy store mogul breaks the calm of Christmas Eve. Now you can solve both these cases.


    The Clock Winder and Violent Night, the first and second games from Sultans of Solve, both take place in the same universe, as the storyline follows your arc as a Knights of Veracity detective.


    While it is by no means necessary to play The Clock Winder before Violent Night, we do recommend it. Since The Clock Winder is the first of the Knights of Veracity cases, it is a table-setter of sorts, and introduces you to the Sultans of Solve’s unique brand of puzzling. For those interested in playing both games, we are offering a bundle: receive both The Clock Winder and Violent Night (a $189 dollar value if purchased separately) for only $175. 


    Both games require an internet connection, something to scan QR codes, and pen and paper. An online, progressive hint system is available in case you get stuck. The games are both single play and intended for teens and adults. Price includes US sales tax.


    Puzzle Density: 3 turbans for The Clock Winder (average number of puzzles for a Sultans of Solve game), 5 turbans for Violent Night (maximum number of puzzles for a Sultans of Solve game)

    The Clock Winder / Violent Night Bundle

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