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Behind the Sultans - Our Story

Sultans of Solve is the brainchild of our puzzle creator, Jack. During the pandemic, he and his family became serious fans of puzzle boxes, and also stumbled upon the facebook group Puzzle People, for puzzle creators and puzzlers alike. This led him to create our first game, The Clock Winder. In his own words, Jack explains how this game came about, and his unique take on puzzle design:

My family and I have had so much fun playing these escape-room-in- a-box style games that I decided to dabble in game creation for last year’s Secret Santa [between members of the facebook group Puzzle People]. To my surprise, I enjoyed creating even more than I enjoyed playing, and the game I designed came out better than I could have expected; even earning a very positive endorsement from @Angela Scott-Lawson herself!


This inspired me to not only perfect The Clock Winder, but to continue creating more games. Thus, the idea for the Sultans of Solve was born. Here at Sultans Headquarters our small team, consisting of my mother, my aunt, and myself, has three simple goals:

  1. To create some of the most puzzle dense games you have ever played, with puzzles that vary in type, difficulty, and depth.

  2. To have all these puzzles fit naturally into a unique, immersive, and entertaining storyline.

  3. To have each box be a completely different experience, so that you do not feel that you are playing different iterations of the same game over and over.


Currently, we have two games for sale. The Clock Winder, our first game, is of average puzzle density (3 of 5 turbans in our rating system). However, average density for a Sultans game is still a lot of puzzles. Our second game, a Christmas-themed box, entitled Violent Night, is 5 turbans and is massive in comparison, with a dizzying array of puzzles.

We will soon be releasing a Greek-mythology based box, called Trapped in Tartarus: Eternal Torment, that is nearing playtesting, and we have ideas for a fourth box (with surely more to follow those).

These games will all be stand alone--we have no plans for subscriptions. The primary reason is that Jack is in the midst of a neurosurgery residency, which allows him no time for sleep, never mind game creation! But while there may be some delay between games, have no fear, they are on their way!

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