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Trapped in Tartarus:
Eternal Torment

Things have gone quite well for you and your career since solving the high-profile Violent Night murder of Grayson Tinselton. Your detective agency, the Knights of Veracity, has seen a huge uptick in freelance work as news of your prowess has spread, while you, yourself, have gained a level of notoriety you would have never dreamed of. You have become a household name in the investigative community, and even found yourself on the cover of CRIME magazine. What could ruin your recent good fortune?

How about getting kidnapped by a Greek-mythology-obsessed madman known as The Gatekeeper, who seems hell-bent on teaching you some sort of deranged lesson?


In Greek mythology, Tartarus was a fiery pit at the depths of the earth, below even the Underworld itself. It was a place of severe torment, reserved for only the most despicable offenders. Unfortunately for you, the Gatekeeper has built his own version of Tartarus and thrown you inside! You must correctly solve all his mythology-based puzzles and tests in this escape-room style game if you ever hope to be free. It is time to prove your mettle once again, Detective!


Things to know about this game:

  1. While all the puzzles are based on Greek myths and characters from Greek mythology, you do not need to have any prior knowledge. We will supply you with all the background you need.

  2. This game features a couple of  “one and done puzzles,.” meaning you have one chance to solve them - they cannot be repeated if you get it wrong. This creates a more immersive experience, raising the stakes, as they would be in the real world. If you fail to get it right, you will still be able to continue the game; you will just have to live with the "shame" of looking up the answer to that puzzle.

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