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  • It’s Christmas Eve and all the other detectives at the Knights of Veracity have gone home to be with their families. Unfortunately, you drew the night-shift short straw. Just as you settle in for what you hope will be a quiet evening, you receive an awful phone call. Toy store titan and pop-culture icon Grayson Tinselton has been murdered at his annual Christmas Eve party. You must make your way to his hometown of Giftsburg at once!


    Explore the Tinselton mansion, interview suspects, solve a series of puzzly clues left behind by an anonymous good Samaritan, and bring Grayson’s killer to justice! With a 5-turban puzzle density rating, this game promises hours and hours of unique, fun, and festive puzzling.  Purchase Violent Night today and help bring some justice and closure to the Giftsburg community.


    Although Christmas-themed, Violent Night is fun at any time of year. Requires an internet connection, something to scan QR codes, and pen and paper. An online, progressive hint system is available in case you get stuck. This game is single play and intended for teens and adults. Price includes US sales tax.


    Density: 5 turbans (maximum number of puzzles for a Sultans of Solve game)

    Violent Night

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    • Can't wait until Christmas to peek at your presents? We don't normally post images of game components as we want to perserve the sense of surprise and "wow." If you want a complete surprise, don't peek! If, however, you would prefer to view some of the contents before buying, we have created a gallery for you. This isn't a total reveal, but it will give you a taste. It will also spoil some of the surprise though, so be forewarned!

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