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Well, almost, anyway. After a long hiatus due to multiple life changes and turmoil, we here at the Sultans of Solve headquarters have some extremely exciting announcements!​

  • We are in the final phases of design on our new game: Trapped in Tartarus; Eternal Torment. Be prepared for a true escape-room-in-a-box experience, packed with Greek Mythology inspired puzzles.


  • We are also working on restocking our first two games: The Clock Winder and Violent Night. However, given the amount of labor required for our games, especially Violent Night, we will have limited supplies available​ and will be releasing small batches at a time.

  • One of our Sultan’s team members, Carol, has also put together a 124-page behemoth reference guide called Cracking the Code, filled with info on ciphers and codes to help you with all your puzzling endeavors. This is a fantastic compilation which will help both puzzlers and designers alike. It is being printed now and will be available later in September. 



We will have more information as the dates draw closer, but we expect to have some stock of both of our original games available by late fall. Our new game should be in play testing then and available in the new year.

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