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  • Secret codes and ciphers hold a fascination for many people, not only because they give the ability to disguise messages from prying eyes, but also because they provide the thrill of cracking another’s code to read the hidden text.


    Puzzle box games abound in ciphers. Players new to these games may not be familiar with many of them, and even experienced players can encounter new ones. This handbook provides the methods for decrypting and encrypting dozens of common and not-so-common ciphers. It serves as a quick reference guide on how to approach ciphers. It won't solve them for you - that would spoil the fun! Rather it gives you the tools to solve them yourself.


    While information on all these ciphers can be found on the internet, there is no single source on all types of ciphers. Additionally, the focus is often for software engineers rather than game players. This book bridges that gap. 


    Soft cover trade paperback. 124 pages. Published 2023.

    Cracking the Code

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